How it works in a few simple steps
1. Sign up for Zingword! We’ll send you an email with a confirmation link, and you’ll be ready to go.
2. Enter your project's specs into the search bar and browse the translators that appear in the results.
3. Upload your files to the sidebar to get instant quotes.
4. Add the translators who spark your interest to your contact list in the sidebar.
5. Fill out the deets of your project so translators know what they could be working with.
6. Invite the translators you’re interested in to join your project.
7. Keep an eye on your email and project page to see which translators want to join your crew!
8. Select the translator(s) that fit your project the best and begin the collaboration!
9. Receive the final files from your cool translator(s), and make sure to leave them a reference if you're happy with their work.
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